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"You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand." ~ john 13:7

Monday, October 10, 2011

I See the Moon & the Moon Sees Me

There's a song that I've shared with all three of my children when they were toddlers. It's a song about seeing the moon & people we love:

I see the moon & the moon sees me,
The moon sees somebody I'd like to see,
God bless the moon & God bless me..
And God bless the somebody I'd like to see.

It's a cute little song with a catchy tune that I'd sing when my older two (Justin & Jordan) were young and we were missing family. I continued the tradition with Brady, my youngest daughter. It was especially helpful when we moved to 'far-away' Kansas when she was 6. She missed her brothers & sisters (all six of them) and Nana, Papaw, Aunt Mel, Uncle Ricky & Luke (aka: family in Tx) we'd sing this little jingle to remember them and perhaps ease her longing just a bit.

One evening during the 'four days of deciding on Hong Kong', I had a dear friend & wonderful/spirit-filled mentor mention to me the moon was simply beautiful over the Kansas sky. She's a farmer's wife and sometimes takes walks down their country road. (She calls it taking a walk on the quarter-mile road. That's so enchanting to me.) It was so sweet that she shared this with me, but I didn't stop to look. I seemed to have been busy with something (trivial, I'm sure). A little later, though, the Holy Spirit nudged me enough to walk to the front door, open it and see the splendor. The sky was as huge and bright as the Kansas horizon with the moon in all it's glory suspended right in front of my front door. All I could say was, "God, You are already there (Hong Kong)...what is there to fear??? YOU'RE ALREADY THERE."
(note to self: God shows us His world isn't as big & scary when we choose to trust Him wherever He leads..He's already there preparing the way.)

To come full circle on this post - a month later my daughter, Jordan, is anxiously anticipating her week with 'B & me' (B=Brady) in College Station - where she's attending school. She writes on my Facebook wall - "I see the moon and the moon sees me..." (note to self: Thank you, Father, for my beautiful children. I am truly blessed.)

I wrote back - "The moon sees somebody I'd like to see!"

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